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A huge tree that fills one’s arms grows from a tiny seedling; a nine-storied tower rises from a heap of earth; a thousand li journey starts with the first step.
Lao Tsu "Tao Te Ching"

A Naive Girl Coming to Berkeley

Hey guys! Welcome to Yang Zou's website! 

Yang Zou is a Junior at Peking University in Beijing, China. Her major is Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Economics. She really loves sharing her opinions of Chinese media and learning from others.


She is a very optimistic girl, always having smiles on face. So you can recognize her easily from a crowd of people. She has various hobbies, skiing, roller-skating, swimming, table tennis, digital painting and so on. She loves to hang out with friends who share the same hobbies with her.

Extracurricular Activities:
She was the director of Asia International Model United Naions of Peking University and the member of Chinese Youth Volunteer Association. The colorful extracurricular activities enable her to make friends with international students from all corners of the world, such as Ghana, Thailand, Japan, Korea, USA, Germany, Bangladesh, Phillipines, Singapore and so on. She really enjoys talking with them and sharing the cultures of different regions.

Academic Skills:
She loves to display positive attitude and put forward various originative opinions towards problems. And She enjoys group work during which members are able to share wisdom and face challenges together. 

UC Berkeley is a wonderful place! She is looking forward to making friends with you~~~

p.s. Her Facebook is Zou Yang. Welcome to add her as your firend=)!